Almost 30 years of making furniture using reclaimed lumber has shown me a few things.

Old growth timber carries with it unique attributes that make it an ideal choice for furniture making. It’s tight grain makes it extremely strong. These trees grew slow and for a very long time before being harvested for buildings. Then took on the task of keeping a roof over the heads of families for another 100 years or so. Old barns in western North Carolina were also built using these old growth trees. Once de nailed all of the stock we use is heat treated in a kiln as a sanitizing method to eliminate insects and spores.

Once planed this wood  is remarkable. The patina is warm and is not found in farmed timber. Nature’s Knots was founded on the idea that enough wood could be reclaimed to create many things. Because it is a finite resource, and requires a little more labor to bring it into use, reclaimed hardwood can be a little more expensive. Trading the cost difference for a smaller carbon footprint makes sense to me. Purchased in bulk though, the cost is in line with milled lumber from managed forests.

If a project won’t be using re claimed lumber, it is purchased from our local mills, kiln dried then milled in my shop. This process is what I refer to as “mountain to home furniture” and allows more control in creating pieces of furniture.

It’s a no brainer for me…..