Customer Reviews

Nickoll Anderson

“I had Marty/Natures Knots build me a bar for my basement remodel after realizing there was nothing out there that wasn’t cookie cutter or cheesy. He did a fabulous job as he took what I envisioned, and some of his own artistic liberties per my request, and built a jaw dropping showpiece! I even have a quartz and resin inlay down the length of the bar which is led backlit! This lies between live edge black walnut slabs. You can definitely trust Natures Knots to give you a quality piece of furniture that will be EXACTLY what you want.”

Stacy McCoy

“We commissioned a dining room table and two benches from Nature’s Knots. We could not be happier with the way it came out. The table and benches are absolutely gorgeous. Marty was also very responsive and easy to work with! We would absolutely recommend his work. One thing to note: we didn’t think about how heavy the shipment would be. We ended up needing to call in some friends for help when it arrived. I would recommend planning for the arrival better than we did.”

Aaron Christensen

“Amazing handcrafted custom furniture. We love our new coffee table.”

Martin Jones

“Great work from a good Man…… can’t get any better then that. Get in touch with Marty today and I’m sure he has what you are looking for.”

Ed and Dolly Twilbeck

“Fantastic looking work, natural edge furniture out of hardwoods, nothing better.”