Nature's Knots

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  I offer custom made furniture. Live edge slab dining tables and dining sets, live edge furniture, live edge jewelry armoires, entertainment centers and other custom pieces.

My shop is tucked away in the mountains surrounding Asheville, North Carolina.

 I get most of what I use either rough sawn or in log form. From our surrounding, well managed forests. And razed barns.

  Once kiln dried, and/or sanitized, old barnwood, downed trees, dead fall and unsafe and or unwanted trees are ready to be re purposed.

      My aim is to provide you with affordable, quality, handmade home furnishings. A piece of nature that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment and have a permanent place in your family's home.

Media and Entertainment Centers

Signature Bird Houses For our Feathered Friends

  I've always had a great respect for nature and try to give back when I can. Providing a home for the next brood of baby chicks does that. 

  Created entirely from reclaimed wood these give a safe, chemical free place to nest. Organically designed to blend in with the environment, these are a great addition to your garden or yard.

 Handmade Wood Fly Boxes

I don't like throwing small pieces of wood with interesting character into the scrap pile, so I've decided to turn them into Nature's Knots and put them to good use as handmade wood fly boxes.

  Pieces of leopardwood, walnut, figured maple, cherry, butternut, QSWO, wormy chestnut and other species make beautiful boxes when finished with a hand rubbed finish. Other exotic species such as purpleheart, canarywood, zebrawood, osage orange, lionwood, quarter sawn maple and others help make up inlays that, when coupled with the beauty of the primary wood, create a stunning box. When the sunlight hits these while on stream, the colors "pop" and the true beauty of the wood will make you glad they got saved from the fire bin...These can be custom fitted for your fly collection.